Multihull Concept


"…multihulls haven't interested me much in the past, but now it does seem to be the leading edge of where free design thought is." -Bruce King

"There's been very little creativity in the business today. It's all variations on the same theme. There are new things to do." -Olaf Harken

"The sailing world needs the kind of innovation that Hobie Alter and Hoyle Schweltzer demonstrated; they made genuine progress." -Garry Hoyt

"Improvements to the monohull design have only increased sailing efficiency about 20% over 100 years, whereas by changing from a monohull to a multihull a much greater increase in sailing efficiency is realized." -Richard Boehmer

"Objects that move should constantly evolve in order to move better. There is probably much to be learned from the exotic new ocean-going trimarans and catamarans." -Garry Hoyt

"The Future prospects of catamarans as both cruising and racing boats are very bright. There are considered as the right answer to the 'speed crisis' whch is being experienced by single-hulled craft as a result of their basic conception; you need a heavy keel to balance a tall rig that you need to drive the heavy keel." -C.A. Marchaj

"There are few sensations on the water more satisfying to me than effortless speed under sail." -Robert Perry

"For many old men, their impatience leads them to abandon the slowest form of locomotion, known as sailing, and turn to powerboats. For me the compromise has been to double my speed in a catamaran. Succinctly stated, I am an old man and it is an old man's boat." -McGreggor Gray



" I can with a good whole-sail breeze, boat to windward faster, by a mile an hour at least, than any other sailing vessel afloat."   -Nathanael Herreshoff , the infamous yacht designer speaking of his revolutionary 25' catamaran design, Amaryllis.

.....the year, 1876


     RunningTideYachts, Ltd, is the next generation company established to continue the many years of multihull involvement by Chesapeake Catamarans and Chesapeake Multihulls of Annapolis, MD. Our intention is to look to the future in a variety of truly innovative forms.

     If you harbor any delusions that the sport of sailing is anchored in still waters, you owe yourself a serious look at multihulls. What you will find is the promise of bright new ways to get a sailboat across the water. COME SOAR WITH US INTO THE FUTURE!!

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